Key Differentiator

Through automation, adoption of digital technologies and an entire cloud based infrastructure, we simplify data collection and reporting. In addition to this, the ease of acquiring high-quality biometrics based on the Iris is far higher than other Biometric options in terms of ease of use and speed.
Our method has a significantly lower cost to implement and potentially more effective method for authenticating the identities of people enrolled.
It is scientifically proven that there is a higher accuracy in using the Iris in comparison to the others biometrics that are more widely used. Through our automation process, we also include additional data points that eventually point towards the accuracy of data captured.
We confidently assure our partners and clients of a higher precision for authentication and provide biometric scans at a higher level of acceptance.
Through the use of the Iris Biometric option, we are certain to drastically reduce the number of false negative readings especially in low-income population environments with worn fingerprints due to heavy manual labor. We also tighten the tolerance for False Acceptance (potential fraud).

Our Platform